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"DOUBLE ACTION OF BELLADONNA + CAPSICUM"                                               
One plaster contains

Belladonna Ext. 
Capsicum Ext. 
Adhesive Mass Q.S.
For thermotherapy (heated action therapy) in lumbago (lower back pain) , 
sciatica rheumatic pains , stiff neck and shoulders, 
muscular pains, distortions due to whiplash.
BELONACAP Plasters must be applied externally  only. 
Clean the affected area(s) with soap and water. Dry the skin thoroughly. 
Remove the protective covering from the face of the plaster and apply to affected area pressing plaster
firmly on to the skin. 

Then smoothen out plaster with your hand. The application can stay on skin for 2 days and then removed. If area is still painful,then apply new plaster. BELONACAP can be used until relief of pain, use as often as you want, unless prescribed otherwise. If skin  irritation occurs please discontinue use.
Loosen one end and take apart in a quick jerk. 
If preferred use a damp sponge or piece of cotton wool soaked in rubbing surgical alcohol/spirit, 
turn back one end of the plaster slightly and drop a little of rubbing alcohol/ sprit between the skin and plaster 
to make the plaster come off easily.
Do not apply to open wounds or hematomas.

Store the product carefully away fro direct heat and humidity. 

Keep out of reach of children.
In case of rheumatism muscular pains stiff neck and shoulders one plaster is to be applied to the affected areas as shown by the illustration.

In case of lumbago ( lower back pain ) pains in the back area one plaster is to be applied as shown by the illustration.

By irritation of the spine 2 to 3 plasters an be placed along spine as shown for aciatica and distortions especially. 
Due to whiplash resulting to injury from accident one plaster to be applied to affected area.
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